• Francesca Ekwuyasi

i am black

welcome and thank you for joining me.

you may listen to or read my reflections on my location as a black person.

after listening to or reading my story, you are welcome to echo it with your own musings on your location as a racialized person by recording and submitting your story either via audio recording by clicking Link below or writing to

i was born and raised in the most populous black nation in the world, Nigeria, so i didn't grow up thinking of myself as Black necessarily. i thought of myself as Igbo - from my father's side, and Yoruba - from my mother's.

i learned to understand things differently when i moved to north America, against the imagined backdrop of whiteness, my various identities were forced under the singular label of Black, as though Blackness is a monolith - one thing, one way. it is not, nothing is. i love being Black, it means everything to me, it has coloured all aspect of all my experiences even when i don't realize it.

i understand race to be a social construct, with false dichotomies, and imposed expectations. it would be dishonest to say that all the anti-Blackness i've been experiencing in my life, and witnessing other Black folks endure hasn't been stoking a wild rage in me. because of respectability politics and other such horse shit, i'm supposed to stiffen up my upper lip and take it all on the chin graciously. because i'm Black and a woman, i cannot also express rage - like i said, that's a pile of fetid, burning, horse shit.

rage aside, righteous or un righteous, there's less sharp but just as potent fruit birthed from the condition of existing in this particular world while Black. some of them are rhythm, resilience, empathy, gorgeousness, soul - so so so much soul.

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