• Francesca Ekwuyasi

i am alive

welcome and thank you for joining me.

you may listen to or read my reflections on my location as an alive person.

after listening to or reading my story, you are welcome to echo it with your own musings on your location as an alive person by recording and submitting your story either via audio recording by clicking Link below or writing to

so far in all my time, my aliveness is marked by longing and desire. i am most terrified when numbness finds me. and it has found me, often even - still like frost melting in early morning sunshine, all petrification is reversed with time. my aliveness guides me forward when i want to disappear. an encouraging friend, she says "you may rest now, you may sleep and wish to disappear, but in a moment, tomorrow, by morning, by sunrise, by supper time, soon, when you have mourned all that needs mourning, we get up and move on, deal?" "deal." this is the deal, to be alive while i'm living. to dive into my desire and straddle my longing, saying thank you thank you for meeting me.

what does your aliveness taste like? what sounds does it make to wake you up?

record your echoes with the link below.