• Francesca Ekwuyasi

i am animal

welcome and thank you for joining me.

you may listen to or read my reflections on my location as an animal.

after listening to or reading my story, you are welcome to echo it with your own musings on your location as an animal by recording and submitting your story either via audio recording by clicking Link below or writing to

"the sensual is the spiritual/ the spiritual is the sensual"; i heard this from my mind a couple of weeks ago, i was floating. i'm not entirely sure what it means, but i think of all the ways i've tried and continue to try - though with less and less conviction- to wrangle the beast, the voracious creature, that is my body. as though we are separate, me and my body - or my mind and my body. i cannot know, but i often wonder. perhaps everything is the body and everything is the mind. i think of all the new research on the connection between gut bacteria and the brain. the gut as the brain, the gut is the brain, the brain is the heart, the heart is the mind, the mind is the body, is the spirit, is the animal. i'm just an animal.

when my body falters, or my emotions burst far beyond my grasp and i'm filled with shame at having shown my smallest softest self, i remind myself that i'm just an animal. just a tangle of bone and muscle trying to make meaning of my time like everything else here.

are you an animal too?

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