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welcome and thank you for visiting Reverberations and the Sound of Our Voices. this is a project created by francesca ekwuyasi for Nocturne.


this is an interactive/collaborative virtual storytelling and sound project guided by the theme of echolocation. it includes reflections on five of the following social locations:


  • alive

  • human-animal

  • black (race)

  • immigrant (place/movement/belonging)

  • sister (relationship) 


these reflections are available in audio and text. the audio versions are accompanied by sounds created by my collaborator, artist and musician, Carmel Farahbakhsh.

you are welcome to listen to or read my reflections and echo back with reflections of your own location by recording your voice or writing to


thank you for witnessing.



francesca ekwuyasi 


you may begin by selecting any of the five locations/categories listed below to listen to or read my reflections. then follow the link provided on each category's page to echo back by recording your own reflections.